The investors said the business plan pitch was the most professional and compelling presentation they had ever seen, bar none. [Catalyst Strategies’ work helped the team] confidently summarize the opportunity and close the funding in record time.
Board Member, ISR

Your next series of fundraising is around the corner and you don’t have a written business plan or pitch. You need to step back, think strategically, and get the executive team aligned. But that’s akin to changing a tire on a moving automobile.

Get It Down on Paper

Catalyst Strategies has a solid track record of preparing early stage companies for successful fundraising efforts. We work quickly and collaboratively with executive teams to frame the market situation, identify target customer segments, clarify the company’s competitive advantage, and define the business model. We crystallize go-to-market strategies, key initiatives, and develop multi-year financial plans. These are all packaged into hard-hitting, concise presentations designed to attract investors and tell a clear and compelling story.

Our business planning approach incorporates:

  • Market insights (e.g., customer, competition, and channel)
  • Formal initiative prioritization criteria
  • Proving the concept quickly (e.g., beachhead accounts and consumer adoption)
  • Understanding of start-up realities (e.g., cash flow and bandwidth)
  • Collaboration with client team to ensure buy in and ownership

Beyond Fundraising

Our business plans deliver more than just funding—they also align the team and the board on a clear strategy, thereby enabling the business to be highly productive in the early stage period.

Call us to quickly raise the funds you need and guarantee team alignment.