To pull ahead—and stay ahead—of the competition, you need to build on what sets you apart. We’ll work to crystalize your competitive advantage, set a growth trajectory, and develop clear and actionable strategies to get you where you need to go.


To move at warp speed, your business needs to function like a well-oiled machine. We can help propel your revenue operations to the next level with a reliable, scalable growth engine capable of transforming even your most audacious growth goals into reality.


When the planning is done and it’s time to deliver on high-stakes growth strategies, we’ll help you make the leap from idea to impact, focusing and mobilizing your organization to deliver on milestones and hit aggressive revenue targets.

Strategic & Operational Planning

Build alignment on the road to growth—whether you’re doubling down on your core business, pivoting your business model, integrating acquisitions, or pushing into new markets.

Define a clear path to rapid growth.

The market’s heating up, customer expectations are rising, and your teams are charging forward … but not always in the same direction. To build on your competitive advantage and sustain your growth trajectory, you need a clear strategic plan—now.

Catalyst Strategies will work with your leadership team to make the tough decisions required to drive rapid growth in your evolving market. You’ll build organizational alignment, commit resources to critical priorities, crystallize accountabilities, and accelerate toward market leadership.

You can rely on our rapid, proven strategic planning approach to:

  • Solidify vision and mission for your business.
  • Set clear goals anchored in market dynamics and company realities.
  • Establish strategies that will guide decisions throughout your organization.
  • Prioritize and map out cross-functional initiatives, allocating limited time, money, and talent where they matter most.
  • Cascade strategy throughout the organization, focusing the team on actions that drive growth.

The real test of a strategic plan is whether it moves an organization to change what it does—and doesn’t do—on a daily basis. If it’s time to lock in your trajectory, narrow priorities, drive employee alignment, and deliver on aggressive goals, reach out now.

Brand Positioning & Messaging

When you’re moving fast with the competition at your heels, solidify your market position with a differentiated story and clear value proposition.

Crystalize your story and break away from competitors.

Your teams are going to market with mixed messages—and missing the mark with prospects. Your revenue and market share goals feel like a reach. For sustainable and scalable growth, a tight story is essential. That means aligning your sales, marketing, and product teams around a clear value proposition and differentiated competitive positioning.

We’ll leverage market insights to help you clarify your competitive advantage and unlock what sets your business apart:

  • Positioning. Pinpoint your ideal customer profile, define your category, and shape your differentiators. A clear, sustainable positioning statement will support consistent and compelling messaging in the market and help align your team and focus investments in product, customer experience, and more.
  • Marketecture. Make it easier for your sales team to sell and painless for your customer to buy. Craft a coherent framework and product naming principles that showcase how your products and services fit together to solve customer problems.
  • Messaging. Translate your positioning and marketecture into a compelling story that sales, marketing, and customer success teams can use to engage and convert customers across multiple channels.
  • Cross-functional positioning activation. Maximize the benefits of your new positioning, marketecture, and messaging through cohesive, cross-functional execution of your unique promise and thorough activation by your GTM team, ecosystem, and industry influencers.

Let us help you cut through the noise with a story focused on what matters most to your customers.

Product & Customer Experience Strategy

Focus your development and services teams on delivering on a differentiated promise that builds competitive advantage and wins market share.

Drive growth with compelling offerings and rock-solid experience.

It takes more than cutting-edge technology and innovative products to win in the market. Product and experience gaps weaken customer loyalty, damage the reputation you’ve struggled to build, and sap growth. You need a product and customer experience that aligns with your vision, catches market attention, supports deal close, accelerates speed to value, reduces churn, and increases wallet share.

Deliver on your promise

Catalyst Strategies will work with your team to develop a tight product strategy and clear customer experience strategy that deliver what customers want at every point in their journey. Together we’ll address:

  • Whole product strategy. Focus first on table stakes—what you need to do to meet customer expectations for your category, and then differentiators—what it will take to win based on your unique promise to customers.
  • Customer experience design. Pinpoint the interactions that matter most to your customers, identify opportunities to delight them, and develop a cross-functional plan for delivering a superb customer experience that aligns with your vision for the business.

Get it right and your customers will fall just a little bit in love with you—and you’ll blow past even the most aggressive sales goals. When it’s time to develop an experience and product strategy that builds real differentiation, reach out to us.

Integrated Go-To-Market Strategy

Blast past customer acquisition and net retention targets with tightly aligned sales and marketing efforts.

Unlock the power of shared customer and revenue goals.

When you’re growing fast, it’s easy to outgrow established sales and marketing practices. Once you’re dealing with huge growth goals, increased market pressures, and internal silos, your old approach won’t get you to the next level. You need a customer-centric, data-driven approach that can bring sales and marketing together to hit your targets.

Build a B2B marketing and sales machine

Get operational leverage and drive predictable revenue streams with a coherent strategy across all customer-facing functions. Implement a coordinated approach to blow away goals for new product introductions, customer acquisition, cross-sell, customer expansion, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

Catalyst Strategies helps break down internal silos and accelerate performance by pulling together marketing, sales, customer success, and service teams to:

  • Focus on shared goals—delighting customers and maximizing revenue
  • Orchestrate a smooth customer journey at every touchpoint, from demand generation through deal close and on to cross-sell and expansion
  • Discover what’s working and what’s not
  • Streamline processes, reduce complexity, and speed time to market with improved workflows and technology upgrades
  • Improve employee engagement through clear ownership and accountability

Call us to help you take your B2B marketing and sales strategy to the next level—bringing teams together to nail the close, deliver customer value, and hit revenue goals.

“Catalyst raises the bar on collaboration and problem-solving. They are good thought partners who drive lively debate and push our thinking with valid, well-researched points of view. That’s when good things happen.”

—Vivek Bapat

Marketing Executive, SAP

Functional Strategy & Planning

Get behind corporate goals and priorities—and set your team up for success—with an ambitious, focused functional plan.

Lock in your functional plan and make growth happen.

When resources are scarce and BHAGs truly audacious, it’s easy to spread yourself too thin. To reach your goals, it’s critical to direct resources where they’ll have maximum impact.

Build concrete functional plans

Catalyst Strategies brings years of experience to functional strategy and annual planning for marketing, sales, customer success, customer experience, and product teams. We’ll help you set your team’s direction with a grounding in corporate priorities and market dynamics—taking into account your team’s skills, capabilities, and budget.

Hit audacious goals with a practical approach

We bring a proven framework and practical approach to planning—and drive disciplined allocation of time, money, and talent. Together, we’ll align on your team’s charter, goals, and strategies. We’ll work through difficult tradeoffs and complex interdependencies. We’ll model the business case to get you the resources you need. We’ll lock in milestones, budgets, and performance metrics for programs and initiatives. Finally, we’ll cascade the plan through your organization—including fully aligned KPIs—to focus everyone on actions that support corporate growth goals.

Contact us if you are ready to build a rock-solid functional plan that can bridge the chasm between theory and execution—and give your team the focus and resources to reach your most audacious goals.

Operating Model & Organization

Are complexity and rigidity hampering your organization’s ability to move at speed? Tighten up with a streamlined operating model.

Scale your operating model for efficiency and performance.

Operating model (noun): the way a company organizes and manages resources to achieve goals; the bridge between strategy and execution.

Rapid business growth has a way of exposing operational weaknesses. Maybe processes aren’t keeping pace with evolving strategy, business units are hoarding resources, performance metrics are outdated—or your old operating model isn’t set up to support new goals. Whatever the reason, you need a better way to deliver on promises to your customers and board.

Catalyst Strategies works with you to build an operating model and organization that accelerates market response time, reduces process drag, increases accountability, and drives alignment. The net result: improved productivity and performance.

Our sales and marketing operating model work addresses:

  • Organizational charters that crystallize responsibilities
  • Governance that clarifies who makes decisions, how, and when
  • Process design that streamlines how work is done
  • A management model that details how and when your team communicates, reports, and drives operational improvements
  • Organizational design that ensures your team is structured to help them outperform
  • Change management that moves you from plan to execution

Rely on Catalyst Strategies to strengthen your operating model, optimize your organization—and unleash the power of your team to deliver on ambitious growth goals.

Strategic Alignment & Continuous Improvement

Reap the rewards of a company culture driven by common purpose, clear goals, and strategic alignment.

High-growth organizations rely on radical alignment.

Building and sustaining a high-performance culture isn’t easy—and the faster you grow, the harder it can be. Maintaining a growth mindset, focus on the customer, and alignment within and across functions is especially challenging amid rapid business changes and a constant flow of new hires.

Companies with improvement cultures are more collaborative, more creative, and better aligned, with the power to deliver more consistently on their goals. But a high-performance culture doesn’t just happen. Catalyst Strategies can help you build one with a focus on:

  • Cascading principles. Make direct connections between the work people do and organizational vision, goals, and strategies.
  • Clear governance. Agree on and communicate who decides what, and who supports getting to that decision.
  • Rapid decision making. Set up your organization for fast, confident data-driven decisions with minimum viable data (MVD).
  • Ongoing reporting and accountability. Connect the dots between work and outcomes with objective and key results (OKR) practices and tracking tools.
  • Risk reduction. Identify risks and develop a mitigation plan.
  • Continuous improvement. Support learning and improve performance with quarterly business reviews (QBRs) and ongoing open dialogue.
  • Ongoing communication. Ensure that employees understand your market situation, internal priorities, and wins and losses.

Reach out if you’re ready to invest in elevating your organization. We’ll help you move your performance from good to great.

“The Catalyst Strategies team has been a key contributor to our growth. They deliver actionable insights and recommendations that advance our commercial capabilities in differentiated, meaningful ways.”

—Doug Biehn

EVP of Marketing, iRhythm Technologies

Strategic Initiatives Implementation

Are execution challenges derailing your growth strategy? Implement major cross-functional strategic initiatives with confidence.

Break down barriers—and turn strategies into outcomes.

Only 56% of strategic initiatives succeed in their first three years. (The Economist)

You’ve set your growth trajectory and prioritized the strategic initiatives that will help you reach your customer and revenue goals. But turning plans into action takes a lot more than good intentions. To calm the complexities, motivate overstretched teams, navigate internal politics, and bridge functional disconnects, you need experienced cross-functional orchestrators with deep insights into levers of growth. You need Catalyst Strategies.

Get it done now. Get it done right.

Our team of former senior marketing, sales, and product leaders has a long track record of successfully implementing major initiatives. Whether you are tackling business model transition, pre-IPO sales acceleration, corporate rebranding, operating model transformation, or acquisition integration, you can rely on our team to build out a comprehensive plan, align stakeholders, and drive accountability.

How do we deliver surprisingly strong results? We bring context and senior-level insights. We align cross-functional teams. We understand what might drive you off course. We see around corners and identify risks—and make real-time adjustments as events unfold.

Need end-to-end strategic initiatives management—or just a push to get the momentum going? We’re on it.

New Program Launch

When you make the leap from strategy to new program launch, don’t leave success to chance.

Deliver big results—not just big promises.

61% of organizations struggle to deliver the desired results of strategic planning. (The Economist)

That new program you identified during planning could make a huge difference—if your team had the project management skills and bandwidth to get it off the ground. You need an experienced team with a track record of bridging the gap between strategy and successful program execution.

We’ve got you

We’ve worked with plenty of clients trying to change the tires on a speeding automobile. If you’re moving just as fast, rely on us to bring your revenue-focused programs to life—whether sales, marketing, customer success, customer experience, strategic planning, voice of the customer, or revenue operations.

We’ll work with you to drive a successful program launch and initial program management—ensuring clear scope, comprehensive launch planning, tight governance, workstream oversight, progress reporting, risk management, stakeholder communications, team training, and more.

What sets us apart from run-of-the-mill consultants? We bring context and senior-level insights. We address risks head on before they can derail progress. Our clients tell us that having Catalyst Strategies on the case dramatically boosts their confidence in the success of major programs.

Don’t leave growth to chance. Let us set you up for success.


After we crystallized company positioning, a biotech sales team went from struggling to build credibility to 100% first-to-second-meeting conversion.


A commercial bank saw a 20-point NPS improvement with a key segment after implementing core elements of our comprehensive client experience blueprint.


For a health tech company, we built and launched new marketing claims management processes/tools to reduce compliance risk and support revenue goals.

Ready to hit your most ambitious growth targets?