Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.
Peter Drucker

You just got a big goal from corporate. Now what? You’re low on original ideas. You don’t have the resources to assess your options and build a plan. You need to build a compelling business case to get the funds and people you need to achieve your targets.

Get Aligned and Focused

Catalyst Strategies works with leaders of divisions and functional groups to ensure there is clear alignment between their goals and their groups’ activities. We work collaboratively with your team to define critical initiatives, action plans, and key milestones. We assess resource needs and model the business case to support budget requests.

Our operational planning approach incorporates:

  • Deep market insights (e.g., customer, competition, and channel)
  • Formal initiative and program prioritization criteria
  • Alignment of plans to corporate goals and strategy
  • Understanding of internal realities (e.g., budgets, deadlines, skills, structure, and systems)
  • Integration of cross-functional inter-dependencies

Team Buy-In and Accountability

We facilitate operational planning in a series of workshops with clearly defined “homework” assigned to team members between sessions. We create clear alignment between high-level strategy and lower-level programs/initiatives, milestones, measures and budgets. This cascading is key to organizational alignment around strategy. Our approach maintains momentum and builds consensus on the inevitable competing priorities within a group. Above all, we work with your team to get everyone pulling in the same direction so that you can fully deliver on your promises.

It is critical for your team to own the operating plan. Building momentum and consensus through team workshops, we ensure that everyone is on the same page. The result is clear understanding of priorities and agreement on deliverables and timelines.

Call us to help your team get aligned on your most critical priorities.