Taking a more strategic approach to new products and portfolio management will yield a 50 percent increase in returns on R&D.

Your product portfolio isn’t performing. The sales and channel teams are wrestling with too many offers with too little differentiation. You are sure some products are draining growth and profitability. But you don’t know how many or which ones are the culprits.

Boost Growth and Profitability

Careful evaluation and optimization of under-performing portfolios will increase both revenue and profitability. Catalyst Strategies portfolio optimization does just that. We employ a thorough, criteria-based product rationalization process, taking into account elements such as company core competencies, cross-offer interdependencies, brand equity, operational capacity, and change implications.

Product Portfolio OptimizationOur services range from a one-time portfolio rationalization exercise to building product management competencies based on best practices in:

  • Development and commercialization of new products and services
  • Existing product management, including how to maintain, enhance, refine, or repositioning products to maximize value
  • Product retirement, including migration strategy

Fact-Based Approach

To ensure positive outcomes, Catalyst Strategies portfolio optimization approach is fact-based, relevant, and collaborative. We model likely market outcomes, assess the interdependencies of products and services, and predict the financial impacts of adding, eliminating or changing products. We build recommendations on robust business cases to ensure buy-in and follow through.

Catalyst Strategies uses proven methodologies to drive portfolio performance improvement. Often we work simultaneously on cleaning up the existing portfolio while improving the overall portfolio management process.

Call us to increase market share, portfolio revenue, and profitability through optimized portfolio and improved portfolio management process.