Catalyst Strategies added real value in both our offer development and field sales readiness using leading-edge techniques and practical application. Their strong business insights enabled Intuit to rapidly reap the benefits of the project. Director, QuickBooks Service Solutions, Intuit

Growth and competitive advantage spring from a rock-solid product strategy. Rely on us to drive higher market share and profitability of your existing offerings, to identify new product or service opportunities, and to articulate product road maps that are aligned with both market needs and business strategy.

Clients tell us they’re “blown away” by our ability to zero-in on the minds of the target audience and needs. We can help you with:

  • Product/Service Innovation – For clients who need to transform a promising idea into a fully formed, in-market offering, primed to boost revenue
  • Portfolio Optimization – For clients who need to increase overall portfolio performance, including market share, revenue, and profitability
  • Price and Offer Structuring – For clients needing a significant boost to revenue, share or margin through precise modeling, and restructuring of feature set and price

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