There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market.
Phillip Kotler

Competition is heating up. You’re concerned you can’t break through all the noise in the market. The team isn’t aligned on the core benefits of your product or service. The result? Your message to customers, channel partners, press, and analysts is garbled.

Clarify Your Point of Difference

Brand strength comes from delivering on a clear promise that is unique and compelling to the target buyer. The Catalyst Strategies team has a 20-year track record of doing just that. We see positioning as a key element of business strategy and competitive advantage, not simply a tool for marketing communications. Fortune 1000 corporations and early stage companies alike rely on our positioning expertise and proven methodologies to define their competitive points of difference.

We examine market realities such as customer demand, competitors’ messages and our clients’ current position in the marketplace. We are particularly well-known for positioning new technologies and services with which consumers or businesses are unfamiliar or have yet to experience.

Catalyst helped us build a strong competitive positioning with clear and concise messaging. Their framework made it easy to communicate actionable ideas to our creative and advertising agencies, who are working on targeted campaigns to drive growth.Elyse Klein, Marketing, NerdWallet

Turn Positioning into a Market Position

And we don’t stop at defining a compelling value proposition. We create a bridge between the marketers who clarify a brand promise and the rest of the company delivering on that promise. We work with clients to build the roadmap and tools required to bridge the gap.

Call us to clarify your position in the marketplace and gain a clear competitive advantage.