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More than 80 percent of our work comes from repeat clients, and most of our new business from client referrals. Read what our clients have to say about how Catalyst Strategies impacted their business. Following are selected client testimonials, classified by service area:

Solidify Growth Strategy

In my new role, I had to build a consolidated marketing department for a $5B multi-product business in a matter of a few months. I needed a coherent and compelling marketing strategy that cascaded to every product supported by my department. I hired Catalyst Strategies to support the effort. They delivered a first-class strategy in a fraction of the time that you’d expect. The strategy and plans allowed me to build credibility and gain support for the new marketing organization. It successfully made the case for bold moves to drive accelerated growth in the business. I could never have done it without Catalyst.

Gary Korotzer, Division Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing Consumer Credit Solutions, Wells Fargo

Catalyst Strategies is truly unique. Not only did they help shape our thinking in a major growth initiative for the company, but they made it easy for us. They really give us a lot of leverage.

Riley Smith, Global Marketing Leader Neurology Franchise, Strategic Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

Getting Catalyst to work with us on our strategic plan was the best investment I have made in the last three years.

Christine Castle, Senior Director, Worldwide Sales Incentives & Engagement Programs, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Catalyst Strategies team has become a key partner in helping drive iRhythm’s growth.  They continue to deliver actionable insights that advance our commercial capabilities in a differentiated and meaningful way.  Unlike other consulting firms where binders sit on the shelf, my team was really clear on the who, what, when and why to implement. We were quickly able to adapt and improve our performance.

Doug Biehn, EVP Marketing, iRhythm Technologies

Delta DentalThe Catalyst Strategies team is simply a fabulous group of people who can deliver the goods. Their ability to create focus, coalesce random data points, and synthesize all of the facts into a coherent customer experience strategy makes them invaluable.

Robert Hitomi, Director, E-Business Director, Delta Dental

The Industry StandardCatalyst delivered McKinsey-level work for a fraction of the price.

Ann Marie McGowen, COO, The Industry Standard

AAAI highly recommend Catalyst Strategies. I’ve worked with a lot of consultants on various small and large projects and unlike other firms, Catalyst Strategies has an incredible level of energy, expertise, and know-how to get to the core issues. The team is focused, experienced, and offer solid advice. They are a ‘no fluff’ group, they get work done and are entirely focused on driving customer-centric solutions.

Laura Johnson, VP Member Operations and Product Integration, AAA

SAPWe are so happy with the work we’ve done with Catalyst Strategies on our 2011-13 plan. I really wish we had done this sooner!

Terry Hurst, Director, Competitive Programs, SAP

Johnson and JohnsonCatalyst’s very unique client engagement approach really worked for us in our strategic planning.

Robert D. Neusner, Director, Integrative Solutions, Neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development

We were fortunate to have Catalyst as a strategy partner at a pivotal time for our group. We still have a lot of execution to do, but we have a buttoned-up strategy that gives us clear direction and focus. Catalyst turned a difficult and complex problem into a simple strategy, without it being simplistic. I’d recommend the Catalyst team to anyone who needs to convert a daunting strategic challenge into a big win.

Linda Soldatos, SVP Marketing, Wells Fargo

ebayCatalyst Strategies worked with my executive team to rapidly and clearly articulate our long-range vision, as well as build and implement a highly effective strategy. They helped us build a disciplined planning approach, which helped my team focus on profitable revenue opportunities, enabling us to achieve our aggressive growth goals.

Gary Dillabough, VP and General Manager, eBay

The Industry StandardThe customer experience works was fantastic. Members of the executive team have credited the work as leading to some of the most compelling and clear internal debate they have ever had.

Jennifer Elliot, AVP, Marketing Strategy and Planning, The Standard

The Industry StandardWe absolutely loved working with Catalyst Strategies. They are all high performers and exceeded our our expectations.

Anne Rewey, VP Big Innovation, Johnson & Johnson CPC

HarmonicCatalyst Strategies has been an invaluable partner. Trish Hayward and her team have provided us with the best of all worlds—intelligent, defensible strategic thinking combined with tangible execution capabilities. The bottom line is that Catalyst Strategies generates real results.

Gina Bianchini, Founder and CMO, Harmonic Communications

HydropointCatalyst Strategies understands what a CEO is looking for from a consulting group—brilliant process, fact based analysis, and a personal commitment to the company’s success. We continue to find new projects for them for one simple reason: their recommendations drive revenue and our company always benefits from the experience.

Christopher Spain, President & CEO, HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.

Red LassoWorking with Catalyst has been a great journey for the executive team at Red Lasso. They got us focused where we needed to focus—on the real issues, on what was important, instead of putting out fires or chasing short term opportunities.

Al McGowan, COO, Red Lasso

KiveraKivera was at a very difficult crossroads in converting from a bootstrapped pure consulting company to a product company. Catalyst Strategies was extremely helpful in facilitating the management team and key advisors in building a road map for business transformation that we could believe in and execute.

Clay Collier, CEO, Kivera

Differentiate Product & Service Offering

Charles SchwabCatalyst Strategies made a significant impact on the profitability of Charles Schwab’s largest client segment. Leveraging their offer optimization methodology, they helped us completely restructure how advice services are sold in the marketplace. The result was a radical change to the business, providing Schwab with diversified and sustainable revenue growth opportunities.

Jan Vorfeld, Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co.

SAPI really enjoy working with Catalyst. They raise the bar on collaboration and problem-solving. They are good thought partners who drive lively debate and push our thinking with valid, well-researched points of view. That’s when good things happen.

Vivek Bapat, Global Vice President, Portfolio & Strategic Marketing, SAP

The Industry StandardThe project gave us a clear strategy and a concrete set of ideas to explore — a smaller number of opportunities to focus on in our development activities.

Premal Patel, Director, US New Business Development, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson

ServiceSourceCatalyst came in at a time when we needed to make real improvements in our customer experience. They brought a disciplined and focused approach to solving the problem. The team is egoless and results-oriented. Their recommendations were clear and actionable. Now it’s all about implementation.

Jay Ackerman, Chief Renewals Officer & EVP Customer Success, ServiceSource

Catalyst Strategies was instrumental in propelling Yahoo! Personals to a leadership position in the market. They were very effective in translating consumer needs into insights and a differentiated brand positioning. Their pioneering pricing and offer structure recommendations led to increased membership and profitability. I consistently recommend Catalyst Strategies to companies with aggressive expansion plans.

Katie Mitic, VP and GM, Yahoo! Personals

IntuitCatalyst Strategies was a critical partner in helping our business unit determine what new product initiatives to pursue. They brought us through all of the key steps in opportunity assessment and investigation, including marketing sizing and qualitative and quantitative analysis. Once initial opportunity areas were identified, they helped us determine how to optimize the opportunities with positioning and pricing guidance. Finally, they worked well across multiple levels in the organization with more junior folks, training them in techniques to help them be more effective in conducting market sizing and research, and with the most senior levels of management, ensuring buy-in along with way. We found Catalyst Strategies to be very effective, delivering very high ROI consulting engagements and I’d highly recommend them.

Kristy Stromberg, Director of Marketing, Intuit

CitiCatalyst Strategies’ objective, market-driven insights and systematic problem-solving contributed significantly to our product and experience development, as well as strategic marketing efforts at both Citibank’s Private Bank and internet banking units.

Monica Woo, Global Marketing Director, Citibank

Delta DentalEverybody needs inspiration on how to take their business to the next level…and that’s exactly what Catalyst does.

Robert Hitomi, E-Business Director, Delta Dental

The Industry StandardI am really impressed by the Catalyst Strategies team and work. It is compelling, strategic, well communicated and data driven. Some of the most impressive and comprehensive work I have had the privilege to review.

Magali Haas, MD, PhD, Leader, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

IntuitCatalyst Strategies added real value in both our offer creation and field sales readiness using leading-edge techniques and practical application. Catalyst Strategies’ strong business insight enabled them to get up to speed and complete projects quickly, allowing Intuit to rapidly reap the benefits of the project.

Kent Bauman, Director QuickBooks Service Solutions, Intuit

AAAMore than any other top consulting firm I’ve worked with before—and I have worked with many—Catalyst Strategies gets in the trenches with us to address our business issues in a market focused, insightful way that is sensitive to the political and cultural realities of AAA.

Pat Chew, Program Manager, AAA NCNU

Tell MeCatalyst Strategies helped us pull together our approach to the voice services market in the very earliest days of our industry. Catalyst Strategies’ market-pioneering advice was very important to us.

Mike McCue, CEO, Tellme Networks

 US WestTrish Hayward and her team helped set what was to become the industry standard for the bundling of integrated telecommunications services, including telephony, video, and high-speed data. They rapidly developed a keen insight into driving customer needs and helped articulate the strategy under which the company’s $11 billion investment was sold, two years later, for $58 billion.

Brendan Reidy, Vice President, Strategy, USWest

TapperTalkCatalyst proved that there was a sizable market opportunity for our new consumer technology product. They researched and crystallized target market, prioritized use cases, and solidified pricing…all preparing me perfectly for market entry.

Debbie Thomas, President, TapperTalk

Accelerate Marketing & Sales

SAPHiring Catalyst Strategies is the single best investment we have ever made. One of the biggest strengths Catalyst Strategies has is their ability to provide an objective, rational and fact-based point of view to the discussion. Some of the most important business decisions we face involve multiple teams, and the ability of the Catalyst Strategies team to objectively manage these, sometimes challenging, discussions is invaluable. It’s truly a key talent of the group.

Patricia Harris, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Programs, SAP

McAfeeCatalyst Strategies’ expertise in enterprise software sales led McAfee to exceed Wall Street’s post-acquisition expectations via highly effective field marketing and sales acceleration programs. By working as a part of the McAfee team and gaining buy-in of all constituents, Catalyst Strategies drove the best post-acquisition results ever seen by the company.

Amanda Cannon-Hodges, Director, Worldwide Field Training, McAfee

Canvas Venture FundI have and will continue to recommend Catalyst Strategies to my portfolio companies when they are ready to crystallize their value proposition. Catalyst brings deep market insight and competitive positioning expertise that, in my experience, gives companies a leg up on the competition.

Rebecca Lynn, General Partner, Canvas Venture Fund

FireEyeCatalyst brought the right mix of outside perspective and industry expertise to help us develop product positioning and messaging to address the key issues that are top of mind for security decision makers today. The final product was a flexible messaging kit that allows us to engage potential customers across a variety of content from thought leadership blog posts to product datasheets.

Rudolph Araujo, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing, FireEye

amdocsI highly recommend Catalyst Strategies for enterprise technology positioning. I have worked with four other consulting firms in the past doing positioning, and none used as coherent, systematic, and comprehensive approach as Catalyst Strategies.

Ruthie Weitz Leopold, Head of Marketing, Cloud Services Group Product Strategy, Amdocs

I am impressed by how quickly the Catalyst team got up to speed on our business and environment. Their combination of ability to quickly assess our needs and their outside view of effective practices in Engagement Marketing was extremely valuable. These guys are pros and it is apparent that they know what it is like to drive growth in practice, not just theory.

Jamie Mallinger, VP Growth Operations and Marketing, athenaHealth

IHSCatalyst is incredibly good at uncovering and understanding the subtleties of a complex market. They consistently help my team deliver more targeted, relevant, compelling marketing.

Kevin Darrah, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing Programs, IHS

SAPI am blown away by the Catalyst Strategies team’s ability to zero in on messaging and the minds of our target audience.

Scott Lutz, VP Global Small & Midsize Enterprise Marketing, SAP

HydropointCatalyst Strategies supported our team in quickly developing and executing a successful go-to-market strategy. They bring a unique blend of deep expertise and market insight, thus our management team regards Catalyst Strategies as an integral part of our strategic team.

Christopher Spain, President & CEO, HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.

Charles SchwabCatalyst Strategies was a key partner in helping us define our new positioning. They brought a great deal of experience to the table, and combined a high level of analytical rigor with a deep understanding of our consumer. They were appropriately patient and persistent, detail-oriented and strategic. The result was a much clearer understanding of our target consumers, their needs and attitudes, and how Schwab can uniquely position itself to serve them.

Peter Crawford, Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co.

I highly recommend Catalyst’s ‘Positioning Accelerator’ for startups. They helped us quickly nail down our value proposition, a foundational element for our successful rebrand. It was impressive that they got our executive team aligned so quickly on elements that we’d been debating for months.

Daniel Kjellen, Vice President, Head of Marketing, Check

VSpanCatalyst supported V-SPAN’s management team in gaining unprecedented strategic focus and made a significant positive impact in how the company both develops and takes its services to market. The end result? Improved top line results for the company.

Jere Richardson, Vice President Marketing and Alliance Programs, V-SPAN Corporation

SAPThanks for making us look good!

Danny Nail, Director, Global Marketing, SAP

DicartaMary Culley led rapid development and execution of a sales plan that set the stage for dramatic growth. The plan, as well as her proven sales processes and organizational recommendations, accelerated our penetration of targeted markets, increasing both customer acquisition and revenue per customer.

Mike Kaul, CEO, diCarta

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