Companies can boost profits by 75-100% by retaining as few as 5% of their current customers. Harvard Business Review

You’ve got an aggressive set of goals. Your marketing organization and plans have been successful over recent years, but it’s time for some adjustments to drive growth to the next level. You need higher productivity per dollar, more accountability, and greater alignment with the rest of the organization.

Prepare for Your Next Growth Stage

Catalyst Strategies works with clients to improve the productivity of each marketing dollar. Our plans focus on building awareness, accelerating new customer acquisition, driving higher retention rates, and increasing installed base revenue or lifetime customer value. Our projects consider:

  • Historic marketing performance
  • Market segmentation
  • External market drivers and trends
  • Uniqueness of the customer decision cycle
  • Competitive position and activities

Practical Plans to Achieve Your Goals

Catalyst Strategies will help you build a marketing plan that will accelerate growth of your company or product revenue. We will also ensure that the marketing, sales, product and service teams are aligned to deliver on the vision of the marketing plan.

Call us to help you build new, innovative marketing plans that deliver peak performance.