Whether your objective is to build competitive edge in an existing market or establish a solid foothold in a new market, rely on us to come up with innovative ideas and drive tangible market results.

Call us when you need to:

  • Solidify your growth strategy
  • Develop innovative new products or services
  • Create meaningful differentiation vs. competitors
  • Improve the ROI of marketing programs
  • Accelerate sales productivity and goal attainment

The following are some examples of our work:

Cat • a • lyst

– noun \kat-uh-list\

– an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Solidify Growth Strategy

Some examples of our client work in solidifying growth strategies include:

  • Wrote a comprehensive business plan for a technology services company, including market opportunity sizing and articulation of a clear business strategy.
    Result: $20 million in Series B funding.
  • Facilitated strategy sessions with the executive team of a division of a leading internet retailer to clearly articulate their 12 to 18 month business imperatives.
    Result: Client achieved critical milestones and goals.
  • Defined and rigorously vetted new winning product concepts in a nascent market for a leading health care company.
    Result: New market entry and two major acquisitions in the space.
  • Designed strategic plan and road map for defining an improved and differentiated customer experience across channels.
    Result: Executive support and significant funding for initiative.

Call us if you need help solidifying your growth strategy.

Differentiate Your Product & Service Offering

Some examples of our client work in differentiating products and services include:

  • Defined the most effective way to differentiate a client’s services in a crowded marketplace.
    Result: 6 percent share gain within a year.
  • Restructured and priced a new software service offering.
    Result: 30 percent increase in profitable revenues within six months.
  • Worked closely with an internal client team of a technology company to define, screen, and test new product and service opportunities.
    Result: Aggressive brand expansion.
  • Developed multi-year vision and 12-month tactical customer experience improvement plan, tackling people, process and technology enhancements to drive higher net promoter scores.
    Result: Implementation funded and in process.

Call us if you need to differentiate your product and service offering.

Accelerate Marketing & Sales

Some examples of our client work in accelerating marketing and sales include:

  • Developed new installed base marketing strategy for major enterprise technology business.
    Result: Building and launching a repeatable, worldwide model.
  • Developed a go-to-market plan for a consumer technology business, including marketing plan, positioning, channel strategy, and sales strategy.
    Result: successful launch of new product in a developing market.
  • Restructured and re-launched a product marketing organization for a mid-stage enterprise technology company.
    Result: 36 percent improvement in lead generation activities and higher retention due to improved product usage.

Call us if you need to accelerate your marketing and sales.