Judson Althoff

J AlthoffJudson Althoff is responsible for the ongoing development and execution of Oracle’s Alliances and Channels programs and strategies.  Prior to this role, Mr. Althoff served as head of Oracle’s Technology Channel Program Office and Director of E‐Business Solutions. Before joining Oracle, Mr. Althoff managed business development and sales at EMC Corporation.

Mr. Althoff holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

How do you think of competitive advantage?

I view competitive advantage as the ability to please customers better, faster, and more efficiently than anyone else. Successful companies from Porsche and Mercedes Benz to Oracle and SAP, have a maniacal focus on driving customer satisfaction through an affinity with a high‐end brand or by providing the best solution to business problems.

Once you know your competitive advantage, it’s critical to simply and clearly communicate the strategy so employees know how to execute and deliver results.

How does competitive advantage manifest itself at Oracle?

We’ve translated it over the last three to five years into an intense focus on having the most complete, open, and integrated offering of systems and solutions for our customers.  That drove our acquisition strategy to round out our portfolio with horizontal pillars of technology and industry specific solutions. I think for companies and even individuals who win, their competitive advantage is satisfying customers better than anyone else.

How do you satisfy customers better than anyone else in your world of alliances and  channels right now?

Over the last two years, we’ve purchased 60 different companies and expanded our  product portfolio from 1,000 to over 3,000 products. So for Oracle, customer satisfaction has been focused on first, helping partners quickly understand the breadth and complexity of our solutions and second, efficiently equipping them to use those solutions as a  competitive advantage in their own businesses. We re-engineered how we train and enable partners and how we support them in the course of the sales cycle. We put a heavy emphasis on enabling them to satisfy customers. We view partners as an extension of ours  sales force and our network of entities that support our customer base.

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