A manager is responsible for the application and performance of knowledge.
Peter Drucker

You are not making your growth targets. You need breakthrough customer insights to pinpoint how to get ahead of the competition. Your business has volumes of research that hasn’t yielded actionable ideas or plans. You need fresh and practical insight into your customers, market, and competition.

Discovering Key Insights through Kinetic Exchange

Catalyst Strategies has developed Kinetic Exchange™, an intensive and highly iterative market assessment methodology. It is a research-driven approach for unlocking market-based insights, empowering companies to make decisions that positively impact both their top lines and market positions. We use this approach to uncover new segmentation opportunities based on customer needs and perceptions that coincide with marketplace trends. We believe this kind of insight is the basis for growth.

With Kinetic Exchange, we assess critical factors such as:

  • Overall market growth outlook and trends
  • Emerging segmentation opportunities
  • Competitive situation and moves
  • Unmet needs for customer segments
  • Appeal and interest in new concepts
  • Customer perceptions of client and competitive offerings
  • Value perceptions and price sensitivity

Research You Can Use

Our market opportunity assessments uncover new customer needs and perceptions that matter, and we translate them into an action plan that accounts for competitive threats and market fluctuations. They also support strategic planning, product innovation, brand positioning, as well as targeted sales and marketing initiatives.

Call us to discover breakthrough market insights that drive growth and competitive edge.