Marketing automation isn’t like plugging in Christmas tree lights.
Vice President, Charles Schwab

Even with marketing automation tools like Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, and ExactTarget/Pardot, marketers still face challenges related to lead flow, conversion rates, cycle times, and sales predictability.

Opportunities bleed from every stage of the funnel. Often, these losses are driven by a myopic focus on tactics, and a limited investment in strategy. Marketing strategy needs to evolve to get the most out of marketing automation ‘engine’.

Align your strategy with your new automation capabilities

Catalyst Strategies’ Engagement Marketing is the next evolution of the practice of marketing. Whether you want to improve marketing for a single product or a complex portfolio, we help you refine your marketing strategies to align with your marketing automation capabilities. Our strategies ensure you generate the most revenue from every dollar invested in content, programs, technologies, and staff.

Our systematic approach helps you:

  • Engage and nurture target prospects with timely and appropriate content throughout their customer journey
  • Deliver the right value proposition (product, offer, messaging) to the right audience
  • Develop fact-based demand models so you can forecast future outcomes of current marketing activities
  • Bridge the gap between the marketing and sales organizations to optimize the value of every lead generated
  • Track the right performance metrics
  • Build a repeatable process to optimize programs, campaigns, and spend across audiences and products

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