Annual Plan Resource Insights By MICHAEL WHITCOMB Congratulations! You and your team have just drafted the best annual plan draft ever. The strategies look tight. The programs are innovative. The P&L meets ambitious targets with just enough cushion to help with contingencies. And yet… You have an uneasy feeling that you might not be able […]

Operational Planning Insights By TRISH HAYWARD If your fiscal year starts January 1st, your 2015 budget deadlines are looming. You may be strapped for time, but don’t fall into the trap of doing your budget without a plan. We hate to break bad news, but you may already be in the trap if: It is unclear from […]

 “STRATEGY ON DEMAND” Elements of Strategic Planning By TRISH HAYWARD and SANDRA SMITH In a few short weeks, 2015 budget and headcount numbers need to be finalized.  At this stage, you’re either flying blind, scrambling the jets, or expecting a smooth arrival with the runway clear in your sights. Regardless of your level of preparedness, […]

By MARY CULLEY Summer’s a wrap. September brings shorter days, crisp air, and an important reminder that it’s time to fire up the annual planning engines! Getting a jump on 2015 planning isn’t easy. There are current-year projects and customer initiatives to complete before end of year and revenue targets to hit. Your calendar is […]

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