This edition of sparks explores EMC’s customer engagement strategy.  The executive featured in our Q&A is EMC’s Linda Connly, a respected leader in technology channel management. EMC’s customer engagement strategy is “to deliver a more predictable interaction between EMC and customers, regardless of channel.”  It’s a simple concept.  Linda gave us some insights on how […]

If you’ve been part of a failed brainstorm, you may agree with the claim that brainstorming is dead.  Naysayers believe brainstorming is fad of the past that doesn’t work, and perhaps never did. The inefficacy of brainstorming is not a new argument.  Brainstorming has been scrutinized since its inception in 1948, when advertising executive Alex […]

About This Series Innovation is always a hot topic. Business leaders are curious about the best ways to generate out-of-the-box ideas.  They worry about keeping great ideas alive long enough to reach commercial success.  And, they wonder if their company has what it takes to drive growth through innovation. In this series of blog posts, […]

Catalyst Strategies is a catalyst for business growth, a spark that ignites innovation and momentum. We publish sparks, our blog and thought leadership series, to help fire-up growth ideas.  Sparks features insights from business leaders and Catalyst Strategies on a hot topic that is connected to business growth. Each sparks post also provides links to […]

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