Sparks explores social business strategy with three talented business leaders:

  • Peter Friedman – Chairman and CEO, LiveWorld
  • Sandy Carter – VP Social Business & Collaboration Solutions Sales & Evangelism, IBM
  • Matt Tucker – Co-Founder and CEO, Jive Software


The core principles of social media – dialogue and relationships – are the same for consumers and businesses. [Social] isn’t just for Christmas. It’s for life. It’s relationship marketing [that] wants follow through.Peter Friedman

   Read the full interview with Peter Friedman.


High performing companies are … 57% more likely to use social techniques. Social business … removes boundaries between experts inside and outside of a company.Sandy Carter

  Read the full interview with Sandy Carter.


Every company should be looking at a broader social business strategy Social business software … will touch every employee and be a part of every customer and partner interaction in every vertical.Matt Tucker

  Read the full interview with Matt Tucker.


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