Sparks explores the value of focus and approaches to achieving it during these uncertain times.  We discuss the topic with three talented business leaders:

  • John Clendening, EVP, Shared Strategic Services at financial services leader Charles Schwab
  • Jeff Stiles, SVP, SME Marketing at enterprise software leader SAP
  • Gina Bianchini, co‐founder and CEO of Ning, a leading social networking platform


“The opportunity to differentiate is very limited if 90 percent of your focus is on trying to mimic or catch up to what others are doing. Fear … really runs counter to being focused.” John Clendening
   Read the full interview with John Clendening.


“Focus makes you invest in the basics that build a foundation for growth when it comes. A lot of companies lose their way because they lose focus on what’s delivering value to customers.” Jeff Stiles
  Read the full interview with Jeff Stiles.


“Focus means having really clear priorities and definitions of success. Growth, revenue, or efficiency – [an initiative] needs to be in support of one of these things … to be something we’d focus on.” Gina Bianchini
   Read the full interview with Gina Bianchini.


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