Sparks explores the challenges of defining and maintaining a competitive advantage with three talented business leaders:


  • Judson B. Althoff, Senior Vice President, Oracle Worldwide Alliances & Channels
  • Jamie Moldafsky, EVP, Sales, Marketing, Strategy & Customer Management, Wells Fargo Home Equity Group
  • Brendan F. Reidy, President & Chief Executive Officer, Clarus Systems



“Competitive advantage is best summed up as the ability to please customers better, faster, and more efficiently than anyone else.” Judson B. Althoff

   Read the full interview with Judson B. Althoff.


“To create a competitive advantage … figure out how to leverage [something you have]and make it uniquely sustainable. Our competitive advantage is that we are a cross‐selling machine.”Jamie Moldafsky


   Read the full interview with Jamie Moldafsky.


“We view our competitive advantage as our people, our market knowledge, and even our financing. Firms that lose their competitive advantage are those that become inwardly focused.”Brendan F. Reidy

  Read the full interview with Brendan F. Reidy.


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